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By integrating your enterprise data stored in Acomba with a user-friendly, all-inclusive e-commerce platform, k-eCommerce automates key business operations like order processing, prices, inventory and customer management to save you time, eliminate error, and empower your business to sell faster and more efficiently online. The k-eCommerce solution offers you room to breathe with a flexible web store adapted to your needs and built to grow with you.

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Selling online simplified

Automated Orders

No more copying orders and invoices back and forth. Your web store transfers new orders to your ERP automatically, and the ERP sends the invoice back to the client's web store account.

Self-Updating Inventory

Inventory management is a breeze with k-eCommerce. Quantities update in real time as orders ship out and items come back into stock.

One-Stop Customer Data

All of your customer data in one place: up-to-date contacts, billing and shipping addresses and more are available with a click.

Here's how it works

Take a closer look at k-eCommerce for Acomba to see how ERP-integrated e-commerce will transform your business online.

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The k-eCommerce All-In-One Solution

For Acomba

Multilingual e-commerce platform
Sell B2B, B2C, or both, with full customer self-service
24/7 order acceptance around the globe
Easy account creation and management
Past purchases and recurring orders
In-stock email notifications
Built-in multilingual capabilities
Complete marketing tools & support
User-friendly SEO tools
Email and newsletter campaigns
Deep Google Analytics integration
Personalized web promotions
Customizable coupons and gift cards
Fully-integrated CRM
Quick-and-easy content management
Professional, responsive (mobile-optimized) built-in themes
One-click publication scheduling with drafts and versioning
Fully customizable web store content and labeling
Versatile page-building tools and layouts
Software Development Kit  (SDK)
User-friendly multimedia product catalog
Robust, brand-smart search filtering
Image zoom
High-definition video
Cross-sell and upsell
Customer ratings and reviews
Breadcrumb navigation
Comprehensive business logistics
Secure payment with all major credit cards
Integration with major shipping companies
Automated, accurate shipping costs
Flexible multi-level pricing with quote support
Integrated accounting management
Multi-currency support
Maximum security & performance
PCI Level 1 Certification (highest available)
High-performance private Cloud infrastructure as a service
Maximum uptime guaranteed
Disaster recovery
Continuously evolving security standards
Fully configurable account access management
We’re with you all the way
Dedicated project manager
Training hours provided
Full access to knowledge base
Custom design and development
Email and phone support
Integrates with major third parties
Avalara, Thomson Reuters, and CCH integration for hassle-free tax calculation
AddThis for easy social sharing
SightMax live chat capabilities
WordPress blog integration
MailChimp (coming soon)

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Just installing the latest version of k-eCommerce grants you instant access to even more performance-enhancing upgrades.

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Success stories

Whitaker Borthers

Whitaker Brothers' digital evolution

"With the website and k-eCommerce, we’re now known throughout the world as a leader of both selling and servicing top-name products." -John Brown, Internet & National Sales Manager, Whitaker Brothers

Founded in 1945 as a paper shredder and binder equipment company, Whitaker Brothers scaled their business to industry leadership with an ERP-integrated k-eCommerce web store.

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Coffee Beanery

Coffee Beanery’s ERP sells for them

"We've been able to automate our process all the way out to the warehouse." -Britain Butcher, Creative Manager, Coffee Beanery

This specialty coffee company needed a solution that could keep up with their high order volume. An ERP-integrated k-eCommerce web store was the answer.

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Plans and Pricing

Diverse industries, unique stories, complex challenges, but one thing in common: businesses around the globe turn to k-eCommerce for their digital evolution.

We offer affordable plans with a wide portfolio of supplementary modules and custom development and design options tailored to your business needs.

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